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Other Products

Products include Vercan root barrier, Turfpave grass pavers, drainage modules, tools and accessories.


Root Barrier

Root barrier is made in Australia from recycled HDPE. It is a tough material and can be easily bent around corners or cut with a utility knife.

1mm thickness with embossed side placed towards trees. Tests indicate roots tend to grow into other directions when hitting the embossing side. We are also stocking Vercan Dimpled Root Barrier. In some markets within Australia a dimpled style material is preferred.

Grass Pavers

Grass pavers made from 100% recycled polypropylene. These are a high strength product designed for commercial and home use.

TurfPave grass pavers are of the highest quality available.


Drainage Modules. Ideal for planter boxes, roof gardens.

Dimpled Sheeting

Dimpled sheeting is a waterproofing membrane with a geotextile backing designed to be attached to concrete walls, especially in basement applications.

Fasteners & Tools

Fastening c rings and tools by Meihotech for various industries, including fishing industry, birdnetting, shade, poultry farming, car seats. For Meihotech gabion fasteners and tools see Gabion Tools category.


Permathene accessories including ground staples for weed matting, star stakes, tapes, shade clips.

Geomembrane Tapes

Tapes used to either join geomembrane to geomembrane or to footings, pipes and pipe boots.

Bentonite Sodium Civil Engineering Grade

Sodium bentonite is a civil engineering grade mined and processed in Queensland Australia and available from Permathene Australia. It contains a high percentage of the active mineral montmorillonite, which has a unique structure and chemistry.

Sodium bentonite is manufactured to rigorous standards to ensure consistency. It is manufactured to ISO9001:2008.

Applications include: root barrier as a growth inhibitor, drilling fluids, grouting for tunneling applications, low permeability slurry mixes, ground stabilization, dam sealing and waste containment.

See attachment for physical properties, chemical data and safety warnings. This is not a food grade bentonite.

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