Stainless Steel 4mm

Gabion kitsets and panels manufactured from stainless steel 316L, 4mm diameter wire.

Standard mesh pitch (measured wire centre to centre) size 75mm x 75mm.

Note: We are phasing out Stainless Steel as an in-stock item. The reason is that although the product is 100% 316L it suffers from tea staining (over time) which can be confusing to customers that often believe it to be corrosion. For full saltwater use we suggest polymer coated may last longer. Therefore we will no longer be stocking stainless once the current stocks have sold and will only supply on indent orders (6-8 week lead time).

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Panels (75 x 75 pitch)

Gabion panels with pitch (measured wire centre to centre) 75mm x 75mm (square) x 4mm (thickness of wire). The...

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