Abercrombie Ridge is country retreat located on 133 acres of land set within beautiful countryside 3 hours south from Sydney in the Southern Tablelands. Since 2012 the owners of Abercrombie Ridge have been purchasing Permathene gabion mesh and building rock walls using Permathene products. Gabion cages solve a number of problems for rural owners, besides the fact that they look great, they’re perfect for housing large amounts of rock which would otherwise remain scattered all over the property or typically ignored or carted away at huge expense.

So the owners decided to build gabion walls and started with just a few cages using our old galfan 5% Al, 95% Zn coated gabion we were offering back then and they’re now using Permathene’s new Al-Ten 10% Al, 90% Zn gabion cage mesh.

Red basalt rock is local to the area and was collected from the property and hand placed directly into the cages. Hand placing the rock, although a tireless task ensured there were few voids and allowed them to place the flat side of the rock against the mesh for a neat effect.

It has been 4 years so far and the owners have built 3 large gabion walls with at least 2 more large walls yet to be built. It’s a huge job especially as they’re building the walls only when they have time. Also there is no real rush as they decide how the overall effect of gabion walls will feature as part of a retreat.  The effect is stunning, especially when arriving to the main entrance to the property which is built using gabion rock walls.

Gabion walls are permanent and will resist all types of weather. They can be filled with all different types of products. The Gabion walls at Abercrombie Ridge were built using spiral connections which are the fastest and strongest method of building gabions. The owners have been quite creative in the design as can be seen from the photographs, with walls of varying heights and lengths. That is one of the great things about gabion walls, you are only limited by your imagination and they easily allow for flexibility in design in order to achieve walls for privacy, boundaries or to just break up large areas into smaller, more personal spaces.

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