Gabion Seating

Gabion Seating

The first photo was kindly supplied by one of our residential customers. The second photo is gabion seating was built in Edithvale Primary School as part of an outdoor classroom behind their new building. Instead of traditional wooden seating, the school council president decided to use Permathene gabion to add aesthetic features to the project.

The challenge is to prevent curious school kids from easily lifting the timber frames and to keep children safe from the fairly sharp edges of the gabion panels.

The gabion seating were built in two semi circular shapes. Standard Permathene kitsets were used and modified on site to create the shapes. Specifically, the bottom panel of some baskets (at turning point) were overlapped in a trapezoid shape, the front vertical panel of the cage was then cut to size.

Gabion baskets were all individually built and placed on the foundation with final alignment checked before filling.

Timber frames were built on top of the gabion baskets and before closing the lids timber battens were placed inside the baskets, then the frames were simply screwed to the battens and locking the top and top edges of the baskets between the timber seating and battens. Locked to the baskets securely preventing both up and down and sideways movement. This also allows easy access should rocks or timbers need to be replaced in the future. Spirals were used in this project as it effectively protects people from sharp panel ends.

The second photograph in this feature was supplied by Edithvale School.