Pizza ovens and letterboxes

Pizza ovens and letterboxes

Gabions are most commonly used to build walls, but they can also be used for creative and practical residential projects such as letterboxes, pizza ovens, planter boxes, and seating.

The easiest way to construct a gabion letterbox is to cut spaces in a gabion cage for a letterbox insert. A small letterbox that opens at the front can be used, or alternatively a long letterbox with a slot at the front and an opening at the back can be inserted if the cage is narrow enough. Letterboxes can be in single cages or incorporated into a gabion wall.

Permathene’s stainless steel Nikolock are the best joining method for letterboxes as they are the neatest and best looking. See Nikolock here: Nikolock

Simple planter boxes can be made by joining four gabion cages together to form a square with a hole in the centre for soil and plants. It’s best to line the inside of the planter with coir or jute matting before filling it with soil, to prevent the soil from washing into the cages.

The pizza oven pictured in this slideshow was created using several cages joined together to form a base for the oven. One front facing panel was left off one of the cages to allow it to act as a storage area for firewood, which is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. 

There are two seating photos in this slideshow (many more can be found in the gallery by searching seating). One was created for Edithvale School. It was connected using spirals because they offer protection from the sharp ends which must be a consideration when designing gabion structures in public spaces. The second is of a terraced back garden.