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The Meihotech C Ring tool is one of the most reliable hog ringers available. Made in Japan it will work where others fail. Highest quality, in stock always. This is a pneumatic tool and requires a compressor. Air consumption is relatively low at under 9.9 litres (0.7Mpa), increase compressor size if working at heights. The compressor needs to maintain a constant pressure of 90-100 psi for standard gabion C rings (Galfan coated mild steel), or 110 psi for stainless steel. Meihotech C ringers have a 12 month warranty. Service is provided by Permathene.

Contractors that service their own pneumatic equipment will find the Meihotech very easy to disassemble and replace parts by following the guides (see pdf's above).

Permathene carries parts and can ship the same day (Fast Post or other urgent couriers).

This C ringer is for gabion and uses C rings which are 3mm in diameter and 45mm at the widest point. For other C ringers (fencing, bird netting, shade cloth), see Other Products section.

Two strips of 50 C Rings can be loaded onto the Meihotech C Ringer. These C Rings cannot be closed with pliers. 

How to use a Meihotech Hog Ringer

It is important to use a compressor that can maintain a pressure of 90psi (6-7 bar) at the tool. Pressure from the compressor gauge may not be correct due to hose length and height of work. If the pressure at compressor indicates 90 psi but C rings are not closing properly (they should close to 18mm if trigger depressed and then to 12mm after a few seconds) then it is an indication that pressure is not high enough.

Never use too much pressure, so it is important to increase pressure slowly.

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