Permathene Gabion Photo Gallery

The photographs in this gallery are all of Permathene supplied gabion projects. Some photographs were provided by our customers also. Feel free to send us yours.

Putney Hill

Sydney, NSW. The gabions in this project contain heritage bricks from demolished buildings. The combination of brick and stone gives new life to old materials and creates a striking visual effect. This project has a lot of points of interest including water features, curved gabion retaining walls, and a playground.

Olympic Park

Sydney, NSW. An extensive project with lots of interesting features and techniques. Good examples of cladding and curved gabion.

South Village Shopping Mall

Kirrawee, Sydney, NSW.

Gabion retaining walls using different style rocks for a stunning visual effect.

Business Park

Sydney, NSW.

5 Senses Garden

Rhodes, Sydney, NSW.

5 Senses Garden is a community garden and playground within Rhodes Park. It is a joint initiative between City of Canada Bay and Inner West Neighbour Aid. The garden was created with the intention of being an inclusive and environmentally sustainable space that fosters the local community’s health and well-being. Website link: 5 Senses Garden