Root Barrier

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Vercan root barrier is made in Australia from recycled HDPE. It is a tough material and can be easily bent around corners or cut with a utility knife. Vercan is manufactured in two types dimpled and embossed. Some landscapers and councils prefer the dimpled as they believe the dimples act as more of a deterrent because roots tend to follow a smooth material whereas the roots will go off in another direction with a dimpled sheeting.

We stock 3 sizes, 600mm x 30m rolls, 900mm x 30m rolls, 1200mm x 30m rolls in both standard and dimpled. We offer cut lengths also.

root barrier

Vercan root barrier standard textured

dimpled root barrier

Vercan root barrier textured + dimpled

Sodium Bentonite

Sodium bentonite is often specified to be used as a root inhibitor for root barrier installations.  Typically when using sodium bentonite as a base for root barrier a mixing ratio of 1:15 (bentonite to soil) for good quality soil or 1:10 ratio for poorer earth. You will need approximately 5kg per 10m of root barrier, allowing for a 50mm depth x 100mm width of bentonite/ soil mix.

If you are using bentonite clay as a repair for earth dams a common mix is 20kg soil to 1kg bentonite.

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bentonite clay

Weed Control Fabric

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Noweed Weed control fabric is a UV stabilised heavy duty (110 gsm) woven polypropylene fabric. Manufactured to prevent weed growth and yet allow air to circulate! Soil is not soured and roots are protected from the spread of fungus and bacteria.

Noweed stands out from other fabrics which appear to be the same, due to its construction. An ordinary woven polypropylene pools water and prevents air flow, resulting in poor soil and poor growth. Noweed breathes and allows nutrients to filter through.

A heavy duty woven weed fabric is superior to a nonwoven in several ways. Most importantly is UV life, a nonwoven will never last anywhere near the length of time of Noweed. Plus weed prevention, it is a heavy grade woven polypropylene with the premium a commercial grade fabric.

Noweed weed control fabric is used by landscapers, commercial growers, home and garden. Suitable for commercial crops, pebble and bark gardens, and weed control without the hazards of chemical sprays which endanger the growth and health of other plants. The fabric can be used both in ground or as an overlay for container growing.

weed matting Noweed

Frost Fabric

Groshield fabric is a white, non toxic, lightweight fabric with excellent ventilation properties. It is formulated especially for horticultural uses from spunbonded polyester fabric. The special formulation and fibre distribution combine to offer exceptional strength and durability.

  • Grass seed garden blanket – Groshield fabric is an ideal cover for seeded lawns. It protects the seeds from birds, and insulates the ground to quicken the germination process.
  • Extend growing season – the fabric insulates against frost and cold (to approximately -3°C for the 20gsm and up to -7°C for 35gsm). Overall protection varies with respect to elements such as wind & humidity. Planting may occur weeks earlier than usual. The autumn season may also be extended by several weeks.
  • Protect gardens – Crops are less vulnerable to scorching sun, drying winds, pelting rain, hail, and frost.
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Turfpave is a tough product which provides architects and developers with a vehicle resistant grassed alternative to concrete, stones and asphalt pavements.

Turfpave XD: A tough Grass Paver which provides architects and developers with a vehicle resistant grassed alternative to concrete, stones and asphalt pavements. Manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene. TurfPave XD is suitable for both soils and gravel.

Turfpave Grass Pavers are a permanent lightweight and practical, aesthetically pleasing, and environmentally friendly alternative to concrete pavers. Grass Pavers are quick to install and being light they require less handling and labour.

Positioned under the grass surface, Turfpave Grass Pavers distribute loads from traffic including vehicles and pedestrian to the basecourse below. This has the effect of minimising grass and root compaction. In addition the interconnected cells allow roots to develop with minimal restriction resulting in a durable and stable grass surface which is able to withstand heavy loading.

Turfpave Grass Pavers enhance our environment by allowing the creation of stabilised and durable lush lawns which add to the quality and beauty of the environment.


C Ringers for fencing and netting

The Meihotech range of C ringers include battery operated and pneumatic for a range of applications including fencing, birdnetting, shadecloth, the fishing net industry, etc. Meihotech also offer a complete range of C rings to fit the application including galvanised, stainless steel 302, 316L, PVC coated.

For Gabion C ringers see here

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c ringer
c ringer
c ringer
  • M-6W pneumatic
  • Weight: 1.5kg
  • C Rings 1.8mm diameter x 24mm at widest point (close to 8mm)
  • C rings available in galvanised coated mild steel, stainless steel 304, 316L, black PVC
  • ME-6 battery
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • C Rings 1.8mm diameter x 24mm at widest point (closes to 8mm)
  • C rings available in galvanised coated mild steel, stainless steel 304, 316L, black PVC
  • Includes two batteries
  • ME-6C battery
  • Weight 1.5kg
  • C Rings 1.8mm diameter x 24mm at widest point (closes to 5mm)
  • C rings available in galvanised coated mild steel, stainless steel 304, 316L, black PVC
  • Includes two batteries

C Rings for fencing and nets

hog rings
  • C Rings 1.8mm diameter x 24mm at widest point (closes to 5mm)
  • Galvanised coated mild steel (10,000 per box)
  • Stainless steel 304 (10,000 per box)
  • Stainless steel 316L (10,000 per box)
  • PVC coated mild steel, PVC coating is 0.1mm black (12,000 per box)

Drainage products supplied by Permathene Australia include modular drainage cells (Versicell), dimpled sheeting (Versidrain Geo 8), drainage geotextile (Syntex 145gsm). All these products will provide solutions as described below.

VersiCell Modular Drainage Cells

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VesiCell offers architects and developers greater design flexibility and has a wide range of applications in the landscape, building and construction industries.

VersiCell® is a lightweight interlocking plastic structural module used for subsurface drainage or to form tanks for underground water percolation systems.

When installed with a waterproof membrane, VersiCell® eliminates the need for an additional protection layer.

VersiCell® modules are easily interlocked in the same plane (a) or at right angles (b) to one another. They may be butted together without interlocking.


Design Flexibility

Greater design flexibility as the modules may be interlocked in one plane or at right angles to one another to form continuous large panels, conduits and tanks.

Easy Installation Large easy-to-join modules or pre-assembled panels allow rapid installation and minimise on-site disruption.

Lightweight and High Strength Honeycomb design results in a lightweight high compressive strength structure.


The modules are resistant to biological attack and to a wide range of chemicals.


High surface void area and internal void volume results in efficient drainage. Narrow profile enables a greater soil depth to be utilised in planter beds allowing the use of a wider variety of landscape plants.

Environmentally Friendly

VersiCell® is manufactured from high strength recycled plastics.


Module Size: 500 mm (L) x 250 mm (W) x 30 mm (H)
Modules per sq.m.: 8.0
Weight: approx. 2.7 kg/m2
Material: Re-cycled Polypropylene
Colour: Black
Compressive Strength: >1,000 kN/m2 (100 t/m2)
Discharge Capacity: >16.5 l/m.s @ 1% gradient
Surface Void Area: >67%
Internal Void Area: >95%
Biological/Chemical Resistance: Unaffected by mouldsand algae and good resistance to oils, acids, alkalis and bitumen.
Service Temperature: -30°C to 120°C


Landscape Deck

  1. VersiCell
  2. Waterproof membrane
  3. Geotextile
  4. Coarse sand
  5. Growing media
    • Roof gardens and landscaped decks
    • Paved areas and roadways
    • Retaining/basement walls
    • Pond Filtration
    • Capillary irrigation
    • Bridge abutments
    • Tunnels and landfills
    • Golf courses
    • Underground percolation tanks

Versicell Wall Drainage

  1. VersiCell
  2. Waterproof membrane
  3. Geotextile
  4. Soil
    • Syntex Filter fabric (geotextile)
    • 30 mm wall thickness
    • High compressive strength
    • Secondary waterproofing system
    • Fast installation
    • lightweight
    • Protects primary waterproofing membrane
    • Water flows to outlets

Using vertical wall drainage in a basement area creates a structural void between the wall and the earth. This is separated by a geotextile filter fabric (Syntex 145gsm) which allows water to filter downwards to the drainage system and prevents seepage from coming in contact with the wall.