528mm L x 528mm W x 528mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
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Gabion 525mm L x 525mm W x 525mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN

After assembly gabion cage is 525mm Length x 525mm Width x 525mm Height (measured from centre of wire) x 4mm diameter. Select Spiral, Nikolock or U-Clip connectors. Alternatively C-Ring type connectors are available, please contact us.

Connection Types


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Gabion 525mm L x 525mm W x 300mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
Gabion 525mm L x 525mm W x 300mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
Gabion 525mm L x 525mm W x 750mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
Gabion 525mm L x 525mm W x 750mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN

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Kitset includes panels: 6 of 525mm x 525mm. Stiffeners: 2 of #6 (cross braces). AL-TEN is wire coated with a minimum of 290 grams of 10% Aluminium and 90% Zinc.

If spirals kitset contains: Spirals 12 of .5m.

If using Nikolock space a minimum of every 3 apertures. If using U-Clips or C rings space a minimum of every 2 apertures. 

Gabion kitset is supplied unassembled in a box or pallet depending upon quantity. 


Always consider the stability of the wall you're constructing and whether internal reinforcing may be required. If the gabion is used for retaining you may need to ensure there is proper anchoring into the slope to prevent collapse, for example geogrids and earth anchors are often used. Check with an engineer for advice as soil type and other factors must be considered.

For free standing walls you may wish to reinforce the wall to a concrete foundation. See attachment for an example of how to do this.

Data sheet
Material Type
AL-TEN (Galfan Plus)
75mm x 75mm (square)
Connection Type
Spirals, U-Clips or C Rings
Gabion Type
Gabion Cage (kitsets)
Weight with rock (approx)
265 kg


Gabion kitset assembly guide

Download (582.1k)


Wall and narrow wall strengthening

Download (294.37k)

Gabion Construction guide

Gabion construction and site preparation guide

Download (71.12k)

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Easy to put together, good quality product

Total Rating: 0 1 2 3 4

This is my first order from Permathene, it was an easy transaction from start to finish, postage is worked out for you at checkout.
I needed some info and i had made a mistake during the order process and both my calls were answered with the info i needed.
The Gabion was delivered before the estimated date and packaged well. It came with good instructions for those who've never put them together.
The quality of the cage is good and importantly the cross braces and spirals are same thickness of the Gabion mesh.
I highly recommend buying gabions from Permathene, i'll be buying from them for future projects.