Gabion 975mm x 750mm x 1950mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN

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Gabion 975mm x 750mm x 1200mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
Gabion 975mm x 750mm x 1200mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
Gabion 975mm x 975mm x 300mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
Gabion 975mm x 975mm x 300mm H, 75x75mm, AL-TEN
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After assembly gabion cage is 975mm Length x 750mm Width x 1950mm Height (measured from centre of wire) x 4mm diameter. Select Spiral, Nikolock or U-Clip connectors. Alternatively C-Ring type connectors are available, please contact us.

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Kitset includes panels: 2 of 1950mm x 975mm and 2 of 1950mm x 750mm, 3 of 975mm x 750mm. Stiffeners: 16 of 545mm (braces placed in corners). AL-TEN is wire coated with a minimum of 290 grams of 10% Aluminium and 90% Zinc.

If spirals kitset contains: Spirals 6 of .75m, 14 of 1m.

If using Nikolock space a minimum of every 3 apertures. If using U-Clips or C rings space a minimum of every 2 apertures. 

Gabion kitset is supplied unassembled in a box or pallet depending upon quantity.


A gabion (free standing) with these dimensions will not be stable. Reinforcing steel may be used (capped to prevent water from entering if hollow section). Typically placed every metre and extended approximately 3/4 of the height into the cage. The depth of the footing and reinforcing steel dimensions must be determined based upon soil type and height of wall.

See attachment for an example of how to do this.

If the gabion is used for retaining you will need to ensure there is sufficient mass and proper anchoring into the slope to prevent collapse, for example geogrids and earth anchors are often used in addition to mass alone. At the very least a retaining wall without an anchoring system will require a minimum of half the height for the base. Check with an engineer for advice as soil type and other factors must be considered.



Data sheet

Material Type
AL-TEN (Galfan Plus)
75mm x 75mm (square)
Connection Type
Spirals, U-Clips or C Rings
Gabion Type
Gabion Cage (kitsets)
Weight with rock (approx)
2678 kg

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