Modular gabion construction is a method of building a continuous gabion wall. You can either eliminate an end panel or leave it in place. We prefer to leave it in place (two panels connected to each other) because it will make for a stronger wall. If you prefer to eliminate panels, the following guide explains how.

As an example, imagine you are building a wall that is 4m long x .5m wide x .5m high.

Step 1: Start by laying a base panel (2mx.5m)

Step 2: Attach a .5mx.5m panel to one of the sides of the base using a .5m spiral.

Step 3: Now attach a 2mx.5m panel to the front or back of the base as well as the side using two 1m spirals for the base and one .5m spiral for the side.

Step 4: Repeat on the other 2mx.5m section (front or back).

Step 5: Next place a .5mx.5m panel in the centre of the cage (panels are placed every metre as diaphragms for stability) and connect it to the front, back, and base using .5m spirals.
Step 6: Now put down another base panel.

Step 7: Place a .5mx.5m panel between the two bases and join it to the them using a .5m spiral.
Step 8: Place the front 2mx.5m panel of the new cage and join it to the .5mx.5m panel and the front 2mx.5m panel of the previous cage.

Step 9: Repeat Step 8 for the back 2mx.5m panel.

Step 10: Repeat Step 5 on this section.

Step 11: Attach a .5mx.5m panel to the final cage of the wall using spirals.

Step 12: Place all stiffeners inside the cages according the assembly guide for the specific cage sizes.

Step 13: Once cages are filled with rock, attach the tops using spirals.