Root Barrier (1mm) 300mm x 30m roll

Root Barrier (1mm) 300mm x 10m roll
Root Barrier (1mm) 300mm x 10m roll
Root Barrier (1mm) 600mm x 10m roll
Root Barrier (1mm) 600mm x 10m roll
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Root Barrier

Root barrier is Australian manufactured quality. 300mm x 30m x 1mm recycled High Density Polyethylene.

Only available in textured.


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Vercan Root Barrier is a tough material available in 1mm, 2mm and 3mm thicknesses. This 1mm Root barrier will be suitable for most roots in terms of puncture resistance and is the most popular. The heavy grades such as 2mm and 3mm are generally used for aggressive roots or especially when used to protect services such as cable and pipe.

The main point in terms of selecting the right root barrier is that you only ever want to do this once and choosing a light weight, especially some of the competing brands that are only .75mm or less will only save you a small amount of money but may ultimately prove costly.

This 300mm wide x 1mm root barrier is available in textured only. Typically it is installed with the textured side towards the roots. Simply trench and backfill. Additionally sodium bentonite may be used as a root inhibitor at the base.

Width selection will depend upon the tree type, the size of the tree (when fully grown) and how close to the tree drip line the barrier is placed (when fully grown). We strongly advise you to check with a garden centre or arborist to determine how deep you will need to trench to prevent roots from a particular tree.

root barrier installation


Data sheet

Primary Applications
barrier against root systems
Unit of Measure
Material Type
1mm flexible HDPE (high density polyethylene), non-toxic

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