Fabrics for construction and erosion


Nonwoven Geotextiles, Mudstop, Silt Fence, Weed Control Matting, Frost Cloth, frost fabric.

Silt Fence Premium 0.86m x 50m
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Silt Fence Premium is a high quality woven mesh designed to capture sediments from construction site runoff. It is UV stabilised. Meets Australian standards. 95gsm. Roll Size: 0.86m x 50m. Grab Tensile (AS2001.2.3.2): 800N warp, 380N weft Weight: 95 g/m2 Construction: 96 x 44 threads/10cm Flow Rate (AS3706.7): Min 10 litres/m2/second Pore Size: 200 mu
Weed Mat Standard 1.83m x 50m Noweed
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A woven polypropylene fabric made for weed control in nurseries, landscaping and horticulture. Specification: 1.83m x 50m, 95gsm with red marker line at selvedge edge.