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Erosion Matting

Jute and coir matting are erosion control materials designed to both bio-degrade and photo-degrade (sunlight). They are 100% natural and contains no polymers. They are designed for exposed slopes until natural vegetation can take hold. Depending upon the thickness or weight it can be from 12 - 48 months.


  • Over steepened slopes, road, rail embankments, industrial, mining restoration, earth dams
  • Drainage channels, culvert outlets, washout drains and emergency water courses
  • Highly erodible soils (embankments and sandy / silty soil areas, high gradient slopes)
  • Badly compacted areas, junctions with civil engineering works such as bridge abutments and inaccessible areas
  • Unpredictable or low rainfall areas
  • Heavy rainfall areas
  • Irrigated areas
  • Channels, coastal and sea shores – shore protection Public and private parks, terraces, dams
Jute Matting 800 GSM 1.83m x 25m
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Permathene Jute is a 100% bio-degradable erosion control product designed for at least two growing seasons before it naturally degrades. It contains no bleach or synthetic materials.
Service Life: 24 to 48 months. Weight 800 grams per m2.