Vercan Root Barrier

Root Barrier

Root barrier is made in Australia from recycled HDPE. It is a tough material and can be easily bent around corners or cut with a utility knife.

1mm thickness with embossed side placed towards trees. Tests indicate roots tend to grow into other directions when hitting the embossing side. We are also stocking Vercan Dimpled Root Barrier. In some markets within Australia a dimpled style material is preferred.

Root Barrier 1200mm x 30m
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Root barrier is 1mm recycled High Density Polyethylene, manufactured in Australia. Roll size is 1200mm x 30m. Price is per roll. Choose smooth or dimpled when adding to cart. There are two types of Vercan root barrier, one is smooth and the other is dimpled. Some landscapers prefer dimpled root barrier as it is slightly more rigid plus some suggest that the dimples cause the roots to go in another direction once in contact with the barrier. Vercan is installed with the textured side towards the roots (in the case of the smooth). Simply trench and backfill.