Meihotech M-500
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C Ringer Tool

Meihotech M-500 Gabion C-Ringer. This Meihotech fastening tool is made in Japan. It is light weight at 6.5kg.

$2,549.23 (GST incl.) $2,999.09 -15% $2,549.23 (GST excl.)
Tool (Pliers Loan) U Clip
Tool (Pliers Loan) U Clip
C Ringer for Gabions (rental)
C Ringer for Gabions (rental)

Meihotech M500 hog ring tool, made in Japan. One of the best quality brands in the market, and this is one of the most reliable gabion tools available.

This tool is for gabion work and uses heavy duty 3mm x 45mm C rings. 

Air consumption (we get asked this a lot) is 9.89 litres per shot (approximately). Therefore based on the C Ringer continuously firing 32 shots per minute, the tool would consume approximately 316 litres of air per minute or 11 CFM. However, this figure would likely be half this in actual use. Air Pressure (MPa): 0.6 - 0.7 (87 - 101 psi).

The C rings required are 3mm diameter and will close to an inside diameter of approximately 12mm or if trigger released before it closes a second time the ID will be 18mm.

Check out our listing for C rings available.

Manufacturer offers one year factory warranty, we also offers parts and maintenance.

Data sheet
60 cm
40 cm
40 cm
25 kg
c ringer (pneumatic). C ring closes to 12mm ID
Primary Applications
6.5 kg
Unit of Measure
Gabion Type
Gabion Accessory

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