Silt Fence Premium 0.86m x 50m
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Silt Fence Premium 0.86m x 50m

Silt Fence Premium is a high quality woven mesh designed to capture sediments from construction site runoff. It is UV stabilised. Meets Australian standards. 95gsm.

Roll Size: 0.86m x 50m.

Grab Tensile (AS2001.2.3.2): 800N warp, 380N weft

Weight: 95 g/m2

Construction: 96 x 44 threads/10cm

Flow Rate (AS3706.7): Min 10 litres/m2/second

Pore Size: 200 mu

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Syntex Silt Fence is a 95gsm woven silt fence manufactured from master batch UV stabilized polypropylene (non-recycled) with a 96 x 44 /10cm weave. Tensile strength is 18kN MD, 11kN CD. Permeability is a minimum of 10 L/m2/sec (EN ISO 11058). Opening size is 0.2mm (EN ISO 12956).


The preferred method of installation is to trench the material using a silt fence trenching machine. In absence of the proper machinery several other methods are used. Silt fences must be installed to prevent run-off from passing around them, ends should be installed up slope.

A trench is constructed, to a width of 100mm x 200mm depth, minimum. Proper installation requires the Silt Fence be anchored in the trench preferably with the fabric covering the bottom of the trench. Backfill using earth moving equipment, followed by compacting.

Stakes should be either tanalised timber of 50mm square or steel star stakes of 1.5m length. Drive the stakes into the ground to a minimum depth of 400mm, or 600mm on a slope of 3:1 or greater.

Spacing of stakes is at a minimum distance of 2m apart. Always install the silt fence with the stakes behind the flow.

Support fence is recommended to be installed along the entire length along the upslope side of the fence from the top to the bottom of the silt fence. A support wire (2.5mm galvanised) is attached along the top of the fence.

Maximum allowable slope length (as per EPA), should be in accordance with the following: Slope V:H 1:2, Max length 15m, 1:3, Max length 25m, 1:4, Max length 40m, 1:5, Max length 50m, Flatter than 1:5, Max length 60m.

Data sheet
sediment control
Primary Applications
filtration, temporary sediment retention
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