Lacing Wire

Using lacing wire in addition to stiffeners can help to build the perfect gabion cage.

Cage Joining with U-Clips

(Gabion Cages using U Clips) How to join multiple gabion cages using the Permathene spirals internally before placing rocks. The spirals are not seen once the cages are filled and lids closed. When ordering include two vertical spirals per two cages in your order.

Modular Method

Building a gabion cage in a modular method (eliminating one end panel when joining cages together). Although this demo is only a small cage the method can be used to build an entire wall. When stacking cages you can also eliminate the base panel of the upper cage (the lid of the lower tier becomes the base of the upper tier and so on). We prefer to use separate cages by joining two cages together but using a common spiral to make the connection. This will make for a very robust gabion cage.

Stiffeners – Front to Back

These galfan coated braces are connected front to back and suits smaller depth cages. Larger cages (of 1m deep and greater) use corner bracing. In addition to bracing galfan coated lacing wire can be used in any ares where the cage has a tendency to bulge (often the sides if cage is tightly packed with rock).

Stiffeners – Corners

These galfan coated braces are connected in the corners of gabions for bracing. In addition to bracing galfan coated lacing wire can be used in any ares where the cage has a tendency to bulge. In a cage 2m length x 1m deep x 1m high there are 16 of these braces. See the Permathene instruction guide for details.

Stiffeners – Cross

These galfan coated braces are cross braces and run front to back on both the length and width (used mostly for columns and small cages).

Meihotech C Ringer

Guide for using the Meihotech M-500 gabion C-ringer. The C-ringer uses standard galfan and stainless steel hogrings which are available from us. We only stock Meihotech (made in Japan) C rings and tools.

Spiral Connection Method

A quick guide to see how Permathene spirals (helical wires) work and how to close the ends to prevent them coming off.

U Clip Connection Method

Quick howto guide on building gabion cages using U clips with the manual U clip pliers. Cages built using U clips can be connected together using the CAGE JOINING spirals, available in our shop accessories section.

Sydney Park waterfalls

This project was built in Sydney during 2014-2015. It is a wetlands area designed to filter stormwater.

C Ring Connection & Cage Construction

A project building gabions using C rings showing preparation of subgrade, levelling, etc.

C Ringers

Demo of Ann-Chain and Meihotech gabion C ringers.

Gabion Kitset Construction

Ally from Permathene building a 2m x .5m x .5m cage using spirals.

U Clip Tool

Demonstration of U clip tool (pneumatic).