Weed Matting Types

Many of the  weed mattings available over the internet are manufactured in low budget facilities on poor quality machinery, resulting in an obvious difference in quality. When a low-quality weed matting is used, soil will likely not receive adequate nutrients. Permathene’s NoWeed weed matting is manufactured using state-of the-art Sulzer (Sultex) looms.  If you look at many other brands you can see that the threads are much wider and some are also impervious to water and air flow. Low quality weed matting also tends to fray significantly more than our tight-weave product.

Another weed matting sold is the thin (30 gsm typically) spun bonded nonwoven available online and through various national chain stores. Some companies even claim that the product is eco-friendly. Although it may contain no harmful chemicals that leach out into the soil, it is still made of plastic which doesn’t biodegrade and instead, when degraded by the sun, turns into a fine dust of disintegrated plastic. We have tested these products in our UV cabinet and have stayed away from them because the UV stability is so poor.

Permathene Noweed is a premium weed matting manufactured in a tight weave polypropylene with a thread count of 96 x 44 /10cm which is micro perforated for air and water penetration. It has a tensile strength of 16kN in the cross direction (weft) and 22kN in the machine direction (warp) (AS 3706.2). It has a flow rate (under 100mm head of water) of 15 l/m2/sec (AS 3706.9). In real terms the flow rate of rainfall and fertilizers will be slowly fed when laid horizontally.

How to use weed matting

To use weed matting it is important to remove weeds prior to pinning down. This can be done by steaming to be chemical free. The important thing is to remove any weed seeds and bulbs which will grow beneath the fabric. The reason is that our weed matting has micro-pores to allow nutrients and air to permeate through the fabric. Without these pores the soil will sour over time, and would be the same as laying down plain polyethylene builders film (weeds will die but so will the soil).

Therefore, weeds must be eradicated prior to planting trees and crops. The marker lines on the fabric allow for easy placement of plants by simply cutting an X. The tight weave of Noweed will resist falling apart.

If using on steep embankments or where a specific amount of water, etc needs to penetrate, additional watering methods should be used such as drip feeding at the plant. The product can be left exposed or covered. Fully exposed it should last upwards of 8-10 years, covered it should last indefinitely.

Use ground staples (available from Permathene) to pin it to the ground. Cut an X where each plant is to be placed. You can use the marker lines (every 300mm) as a guide.


Permathene 110gsm weedmatting.

Noweed Closeup

Micro perforations can be seen in this photo taken against the light.