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Weed Mat Premium 0.91m x 25m Pack With Pins

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Weed Mat Premium 0.91m x 25m Noweed
Weed Mat Premium 0.91m x 25m Noweed
Weed Mat Premium 0.91m x 50m Noweed
Weed Mat Premium 0.91m x 50m Noweed
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Weed Matting

110gsm. Our weedmat is not a cheaply made product with no verifiable data. We have independently tested our products UV with our own in-house accelerated UV and hydraulic properties are tested by TRI Australia (a NATA accredited lab).

Weed matting fabric is a UV stabilised heavy duty (110 gsm) commercial grade woven polypropylene fabric with green marker lines at 30cm centres.

This pack includes our excellent galvanised 4mm sharpened ground staples.

Brochure and Technical Specs

This pack contains

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Why Noweed Premium stands out from other fabrics which appear to be the same, is its construction. Manufactured as a fibralated woven material designed to prevent weed growth and yet allow air to circulate! Soil is not soured and roots are protected from the spread of fungus and bacteria. Specification: 0.915m x 50m, 110gsm. Thread count (weave) is 96 x 44 / 10cm.

Note: As a woven polypropylene water flow rate can be slow to permeate through the fabric. If a high flow rate is required it is recommended that irrigation be drip fed at the points of opening for the plants, this will ensure that water penetrates to the roots with no evaporation. For accessibility to the drip system it should be installed over the top.



Data sheet

Primary Applications
weed control, stabilisation, separation
Unit of Measure
50 x 150mm gal
weed control fabric

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