Fabrics for construction and erosion


Nonwoven Geotextiles, Mudstop, Silt Fence, Weed Control Matting, Frost Cloth, frost fabric.


Geotextile (nonwoven)

Nonwoven geotextiles for drainage, separation, stabilisation and filtration. Commonly used under roads, behind gabion walls, landfill, geomembrane protection.

This is a needle punched, nonwoven polypropylene geotextile manufactured from staple fibres and is supplied in rolls.

Weed Matting

Our weedmat is manufactured in India on modern state-of-the-art machinery. We have independently tested our products UV with our own in-house accelerated UV and hydraulic properties are tested independently by TRI Australia (a NATA accredited lab).

Noweed is a woven polypropylene fabric made for weed control in nurseries, landscaping and horticulture. Helps stop weeds while allowing flow of nutrients and air.

Noweed is manufactured with a very tight weave but has micro perforations to allow water and nutrients to penetrate the fabric. If you examine Noweed against most weed control fabrics you'll see that the others are of a wider weave plus they are not micro perforated to allow nutrients to flow through. Those type of fabrics will sour the soil.

Preparation of soil is recommended prior to installation. In particular certain grasses such as couch should entirely eradicated by means of steaming.

Note: As a woven polypropylene water flow rate can be slow to permeate through the fabric, especially in very dry conditions. For commercial growing it is recommended that irrigation be drip fed at the points of opening for the plants, this will ensure that water penetrates to the roots. For accessibility to the drip system it should be installed over the top.

Frost Protection

Groshield™ is a white, non-toxic frost protection fabric available in polyester 20 gsm and polyester 35 gsm. Allows ventilation and helps reduce frost damage to crops.

Frost protection fabric is available in roll form.

Geotextile (woven)

Roading fabrics made from woven polypropylene. Suitable as a separation barrier between earth and aggregate. Rural roads, paved roads, unpaved roads. Not recommended for drainage applications.

Mudstop by Permathene strengthens soft soils and prevents aggregate mixing with the soil.

Erosion Matting

Jute and coir matting are erosion control materials designed to both bio-degrade and photo-degrade (sunlight). They are 100% natural and contains no polymers. They are designed for exposed slopes until natural vegetation can take hold. Depending upon the thickness or weight it can be from 12 - 48 months.


  • Over steepened slopes, road, rail embankments, industrial, mining restoration, earth dams
  • Drainage channels, culvert outlets, washout drains and emergency water courses
  • Highly erodible soils (embankments and sandy / silty soil areas, high gradient slopes)
  • Badly compacted areas, junctions with civil engineering works such as bridge abutments and inaccessible areas
  • Unpredictable or low rainfall areas
  • Heavy rainfall areas
  • Irrigated areas
  • Channels, coastal and sea shores – shore protection Public and private parks, terraces, dams

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