1.9m x 25m nonwoven geotextile
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Geotextile Fabric 1.9m x 25m (150 gsm average) Nonwoven

This geotextile is a 150gsm (average roll weight) needle punched non woven geotextile made of staple fibres.

Now in 1.9m width for better savings in shipping. 

$82.50 $75.00 (GST excl.)
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Geotextile Fabric 1m x 25m (150 gsm average) Nonwoven
Geotextile Fabric 1m x 25m (150 gsm average) Nonwoven
Geotextile Fabric 1.9m x 50m (150 gsm average) Nonwoven
Geotextile Fabric 1.9m x 50m (150 gsm average) Nonwoven

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The fabric is a heat bonded, black polypropylene with high abrasion resistance, it contains higher UV stability by the addition of carbon black.

The size 1.9m x 25m is light weight and easy to handle. This product is 150 grams per m2 (average).

Applications include drainage, separation, roadway stabilisation. Also used behind gabion retaining walls as a filter between the soil and gabion. It will prevent soil from entering the gabion structure.

Data sheet
needle punched staple fibre
Primary Applications
filtration, separation, stabilisation
Unit of Measure

Nonwoven Geotextiles

Needle punched polypropylene geotextile for drainage, seperation, ground reinforcement

Download (297.65k)

Nonwoven Physical Properties

Mechanical, hydraulic and physical properties of Syntex nonwoven needle punched polypropylene geotextile.

Download (69.87k)

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Used beneath an above ground pool. Looked around instead of going straight to Bunnings. Very good value and quick delivery. Friendly service.

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Multi useable fabric

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This product has many applications and is good value. Very good experience purchasing through to delivery with Permathene.

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Product delivered very quickly, and was exactly what I needed for the job.

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Tunnel Erosion Problem

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After putting down the Permathene non woven Geotextile Fabric we do not appear to have had any further erosion in our rear slope. Working very well so far. Thank you.

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I have purchased the Nonwoven Geotextiles and few jobs and have been very happy and satisfied with the quality of this product and I have recommended it to my colleagues how have purchased it for there job applications. I would recommend this product and company to anyone.