U Clip (box of 2160)
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U Clip (box of 2160)

U Clip (Meihotech CL75) is a stainless steel clip used to connect gabion panels to build a cage. It is used for decorative gabions.

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U Clip (strip of 36)
U Clip (strip of 36)
Tool (U Clip Pliers)
Tool (U Clip Pliers)

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If you are building a retaining wall or stacking cages over 1m high please use "C" rings or spirals. The U Clip is secured by using a special tool available for purchase or hire. Alternatively they can be fastened using needle nosed pliers. One box of U Clips contains 2160 clips. Clips should be used every 150mm - 200mm, all around the gabion basket.

U Clips are made from Stainless Steel. These clips are collated for use in pneumatic tools, but may be broken off in singles to allow connections using U Clip tool or pliers.


Each box:

  • 2160 clips
  • 60 strips of clips
  • 36 strips per strip
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