Root Barrier New 2 and 3mm

New to Australia is our 2mm and 3mm HDPE root barrier range. Made in Australia!

Root Barrier New 2 and 3mm

A 2mm and 3mm root barrier should stop even the most invasive roots and is most suitable where services need protection, especially data cable, gas, electricity, water, sewer, etc. Some installations require the root barrier to form a U shape. For this type of installation (U shape) a 2mm will be easier to form. The 2mm is available in 600mm and 900mm wide rolls. The 3mm currently is stocked in 600mm wide.

For most applications our ever popular 1mm (in both textured and dimpled) will suffice as it has proven to be both durable and tough. The addition of 2mm and 3mm to our range is because digging a trench is a big job and should only ever be done once, so the extra thickness is for peace of mind. 

All Permathene root barrier is Australian manufactured using 100% re-cycled HDPE.

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