Grass Paver

Grass Pavers were the solution for preventing floods from washing away top soil.

Grass Paver

During Sydney’s recent heavy rainfall of 2022 people had drainage and erosion issues. An area (15m x 3m) which is mostly screened from the sun by a mature Elm tree constantly needed re-grassing on this site due to the amount of rain water washing over it (being at the bottom of steps and pathway), causing soil to flow into the stormwater system and clogging the pipes. An aesthetically pleasing solution to both replace the often lack of grass and to allow drainage without loss of soil needed to be found.

The paver proved to be an ideal solution, it’s light, easy to install and has the strength (2000 tonnes compressive strength) to easily hold rock and take any loads that may be applied in the future without compromising the cellular structure. The paver was filled with gravel to blend into the garden maintaining the ambiance.

The first step of was to make sure the drainage issue was resolved so in the event of heavy rain water would not accumulate. A trench approx. 150mm x 150mm from the drain pit across the area was dug and a grate installed to channel collected surface stormwater. Two slotted and socked Ag-Pipes (100mm) were also laid next to the grate to channel to remove any built up excess water below surface.

The ground was prepared by raking the soil to a slight angle towards the grate and drain pit. Some Permathene Syntex nonwoven geotextile (145gsm) was placed under the paver to prevent weeds and separate the soil from any contact with rock and paving. Note: if any contact with sunlight is to be expected then Permathene weed matting would be the better product to use.

Putting together the paver was straightforward, the interlocking system click all panels together to provide a level surface. In some areas, panels were cut to fit along a pathway.

The last step was to fill the paver with gravel, and a 10mm salt & pepper gravel to fill 2/3rd's of the cell and 20-40mm gravel to finish off the top was used.

The outcome was perfect with soft landscapes that would otherwise be lost to erosion and turn what was an unsightly and wet partially grassed area with a now functional place complete with outdoor table and chairs. A simple do it yourself project. 

Permathene are now stocking the Geohex range of grass pavers which have superior strength to any other similar product on the market.

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