Ground Staples

Galvanised Ground Staples

Ground Staples

Our new ground staples are now better than ever with all new stock being galvanized. The Permathene weed mat pins are sharpened 4mm diameter wire (150mm and 200mm) and are available in cartons and packets of 50. These pins are not your run of the mill cheaply manufactured wire which will buckle easily. Being full galvanized they will basically last at least for the life of the fabric.

Suitable materials to fasten include weed matting, erosion mats such as jute and coir, geotextiles, pond lining inside trenches prior to back filling, saving the use of sand bags.

The old black wire stock is now available at clearance pricing while stocks last. Although perfectly good, the problem with a non galvanized pin is that they will often start to corrode if the carton is in contact with water, even though in fact they'll last a great many years.

Try these new pins, we are confident they're far superior to other products available elsewhere.

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