Gabion Cladding

Gabion cladding is designed to improve the looks of plain walls.

Gabion Cladding

Gabion cages can easily be fastened to concrete structures and walls. This method of construction is known as cladding. Depending on the rock size, this procedure can be done using reasonably narrow cages. Cladding is typically built to 300mm or wider, but if called for, it can be a narrow as 150mm, as seen in these photos.

The cage is built in modules, with the example shown here being 528mm long x 150mm wide (or deep) x 528mm high. Having a low height such as 528mm makes a narrow cage like this easier to fill with rock.

The most effective joining method for cladding is C Rings (Gabion C Rings require a tool specifically for gabion. Others, such as fencing tools are not suitable). C Rings are easy to work with, quick to apply, neat in appearance, and are suitable for all gabion panel sizes. The back of the cage is fastened to the wall using a heavy galvanised plate which is secured with epoxied bolts.

You can see more photographs for this project in our gallery.

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